The Team is the product

Entrepreneurs, thinkers, engineers, artists and creatives of all kind. We are all here because we want to fundamentally change how people interact with the world around them.

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We build the change we want to see in the world
We are our toughest crowd. If we would not use what we create, we scrap everything and start from scratch.
We are driven by outcome rather than processes
We are not lovers or dogma or pre-established frameworks of thinking. We adapt methodologies to suit us rather the other way around.
We immerse ourselves into our product experience
We use our product as we expect clients to use it, so there is never an escape from what our product is, and what it is not yet.
We encourage curiosity over everything else
A curious mind is a healthy mind. We encourage lateral thinking and cross-pollination between domains. In fact, we expect it.
We give our people ownership over their work
90% of what our employees touch, ships. And we made a commitment to ourselves that the only way that can work is by making all of us true owners of our work. Top to bottom.
We challenge the way simple things work
Our competitive edge is relentless simplification of systems and processes that are neglected or forgotten by everyone else. It's always the simple things.
Everything is our job, and we do it damn well
Responsibility is not stagnant. It grows with each new customer. We make it a must for all employees to gather, synthesize and ideate on feedback and go beyond their call of duty to fix things.