Let software do the hosting

Holofy is the first property management system built with short and medium term rentals in mind.

One Calendar to rule them all

Integrated all major booking platform calendars into Holofy’s master calendar and remotely check-in all your guests regardless where they come from.

One time, Digital Keys issued to all of your guests. Remotely.

No apps do download, no learning curve. Active only during stays. Guests can share access with their fellow travellers, and everyone gets the same experience.

Controlled by the most advanced, smartlock system on the market.

Each device is tied exclusively to its owner, has no moving parts, is powered continuously and reports its status every second to prevent tampering, access issues or any malicious software attack. Alongside its premium metal casing and encrypted WiFi backup system, we've built the most reliable access ecosystem on the market.

Controls front doors and Intercoms

Your guests, cleaners and maintenance staff can now have keys for all doors, be it private or communal through one single app.

Checks its status continuously and troubleshoots issues by itself.

Lock reliability is our only measure of success, bar none. That's why we guarantee 100% uptime for all of our locks, no if's or but's.

Home - Guard sensor suite

And because there is more to safety than locks, every host pack comes with a state of the art sensor suite that detects loud noises, abnormal space conditions, movement, temperature and humidity.

Cleaner & Maintenance Management

Holofy is the first app on the market that introduces software automation into short term rental property management. Based on space occupancy, the app syncs staff calendars, and distrubutes temporary access permissions based on what needs to get done, by whom, and when.

Guest identity verification

All direct bookings go through an extensive government ID verification process that uses face matching algorithms and extensive background checks to set a new benchmark of guest and host safety.

/ 7

Customer Support

For hosts that run their space fleet through Holofy, 24/7 customer support and a dedicated operations team is available directly from the app, for both hosts and their guests.

Join us in our mission to change the way people travel, live and experience places.