Holofy's built-in CRM has just gotten more powerful!

Holofy's built-in CRM has just gotten more powerful!



Holofy's built-in CRM has just gotten more powerful!

🥊 The short Punchline

We have revamped the the Lead Profile section to contain all relevant information and functionality in one single place. Alongside many more user experience improvements, this is the biggest update we've made to how Holofy's CRM works for you.

🤔 Why do I need this & Why should I care

You will be able to seamlessly manage all aspects concerning a Lead, from any manually inputed information such as contact details, preferences or notes, to information such as engagement analytics, wishlisted spaces or email stream, by just navigating the new tabs.

As your Lead Profiles become richer in information, it is also now possible to transfer them around between Team Members, so you can build a conversion funnel around the different stages a Lead goes through before converting to a new customer.

📲 Show and Tell

1. Lead Profile Details

This First TAB contains all the manual inputed information such as when a Lead was added, who is it managed by, details about what the lead is interested in Buying or Renting, an expandable heat-map infographic showing what areas they looked at most, the contact details and any extra notes ( 👈 these we are seriously proud of).

2. Lead Engagement Analytics

This Second TAB contains Space by Space Analytics that the Lead generated while viewing spaces, as well as for wishlisted or the ones inquired about. You can check at a glance how many views each space got, the Lead's Intent score ( a score based on multiple characteristics of engagement), as well as video by video engagement rates.

3. Lead Email Stream

This Third TAB keeps the Conversation History for all Emails received through Holofy's Email call to action button displayed for users that engage with your Holofy Video Tours, as well as all data associated with that Lead.

ps. This feature requires activation from the Holofy App.

4. Lead Shareable Links

On the forth Tab, for all Captured or Manually added Leads, Holofy enables you to create custom shareable links where prospective customers can engage your entire video portfolio, or a custom collection of spaces you might want to curate.

🎬 Video Tutorials

For a full breakdown of the newest Lead Profile feature check out our Video Tutorials .